January 14, 1740

1740 January 14 (Monday).  Samuel Bumpso finish’d Thrashing Barley a.m.  Mr. Daniel Warrin (who bought my Oxen) drove them down to Boston.  Mr. Moses Pierce junior of Boston, on his Journey to Connecticut, by whom I wrote to Mr. Pierpont, my Acknowledgments for his Bounty in presenting Me Dr. Fuller’s Church History of Britain and History of Cambridge[1] which I receiv’d last Saturday night.  Mr. Beman[2] came to call me to visit Matthias Rice[3] who was sick of the Meazles, and I ventur’d to go.  Mr. Abraham How of Marlborough came home with me.  Mr. Bowman here in the Evening.

[1]Thomas Fuller (1608-1661) wrote The Church-History of Britain; from the Birth of Jesus Christ, until the Year 1648 (London, 1655).  There were later English editions.  This work included ‘“The History of the University of Cambridge since the Conquest.’“

[2]Eleazer Beemon or Beamon.

[3]Son of Benjamin Rice of Marlborough.  Hudson, Marlborough, 433.