January 8, 1740

1740 January 8 (Tuesday).  Mr. Butler having rectify’d my Cloth Housing, new stuff’d my wife’s side saddle, etc., and settled accounts with me.  Went off.  Some Number of Hands came to get wood.  Lieutenant Baker with a Yoke of oxen, and Neighbor Benjamin Fay[1] with 2 Yoke and Cart, Lieutenant Tainter For Mr. Beriah Rice, Neighbor Grow[2] For Deacon Newton,[3] Harrington,[4] Seth Rice[5] with his Team p.m., Eliezer Rice,[6] James Maynard, Sam Bumpso, David Baverick,[7] Ezekiel Pratt, Hezekiah Pratt, John Rogers for Mr. Abner Newton,[8] Josiah Green junior, Eliezer Williams, Samuel Rogers from Mr. William Nurse, Phinehas Forbush,[9] and Thomas Whitney.  The first Cart went with onely one Yoke of Oxen and therefore could not load up.  The other Cart had one Yoke and an Horse, and loaded decently, the other Two Yoke of Oxen drew a sled which for want of Snow could not be loaded up.  The Wood was cut on the East Side of the Hill, and was a great deal of it very Small, but they clear’d the Small Tract as they went, of such Turns as aforesaid they made (as they gave account) 39 by Duskish.  Lieutenant Tainter tarried in the Evening and Cut up and Salted my Two Hoggs which were kill’d Yesterday.  They weighed both of them about 19 Score.

[1]The son of Captain John Fay.  Benjamin became a frequent officeholder of Westborough.  Johnson, Fay Family Tree, 27-30.

[2]Samuel Grow.

[3]Josiah Newton.

[4]Samuel Harrington.

[5]Son of Edmund Rice.

[6]From Marlborough, near the Westborough line.

[7]David Batherick of Westborough.

[8]Son of Thomas Newton.

[9]Son of Deacon Jonathan Forbush.