September 7, 1739

1739 September 7 (Friday).  Din’d at Brother Elias’s.  Mr. Thomas Weld[1] there.  N.B. Conversation the Day before yesterday and to Day with Captain White of New Haven concerning Mr. Alexander Wolcott.  P.M. Mr. Webbs Lecture on 2 Chron. 30.18.19.  N.B. Haynes Woodbridge[2] went to Cambridge for my Horse, and not coming Seasonably in the Evening it put us to great trouble, for a Small number went over to Charleston to accompany my Niece Elizabeth (Brother Elias’s Daughter) who was going up with me.  We lodg’d at Father Champney’s.

[1]Rev. Thomas Weld of Upton, Mass.

[2]Son of the Rev. Timothy Woodbridge, Jr., of Hatfield, Mass.