September 3, 1739

1739 September 3 (Monday).  A very rainy forenoon.  Trooping and Training.  Captain Warrins Company met at Captain Fay’s, and Captain Eagers[1] with the Troops at Ensign Maynards.  N.B. I pray’d  in the meeting House only with Captain Eagers Company.  Din’d at Ensign Maynards.  I pray’d with those at Evening with whom I had din’d.  N.B. Storm Clear’d off towards Night.  Patience Forbush[2] went with James Bradish to Ensign Maynards where Some number of Young People met at a Frolick and continued late — to my great Trouble and disquietment.

[1]James Eager of Westborough.

[2]Daughter of Deacon Thomas Forbush.