February 5, 1739

1739 February 5 (Monday).  I have Heard that to Day the Town of Marlborough were to open Mr. Samuel Cooks answer to their Call.[1]  N.B. Mr. Samuel Fay juniors Infant Child bury’d which bled to Death at the Navel.  N.B. Very Cold.  In at Mr. Samuel Williams at Evening.  My Wife grows worse, her pains being Sharper for the Time than with the former Legg.  N.B. Upon the Sorrowful News we had receiv’d by Edwards Whipple[2] of the Extreme illness of our sister Lydia Champney at Cambridge, Brother Hicks and his Wife went down, but the circumstances of my Wife did utterly forbid me.

[1]Cooke declined the call.

[2]Of Westborough.