October 5, 1738

1738 October 5 (Thursday).  Old Mr. Maynard Winnow’d 12 Bushels and nigh 3 Pecks of Rice [sic] for me.  N.B. Mr. Pannel had winnow’d 2 Bushels before.  Susan Cutting rode to Shrewsbury.  At Eve rode to Mr. Grouts[1] where I Supp’d.  Mr. Tainter and his wife, etc. there.  N.B. Mrs. Tainters high Disgust at our Dining the Sabbath before last in the Kitchen — She surmizing that it was done with design to keep People from coming to warm themselves, which had not entered into our Thoughts, but was done because the House was Cold by the Storm and we had no fire in the Dining Room.  At Winchesters[2] and at old Mr. Samuel Fays.[3]

[1]Joseph Grout, selectman of Westborough.

[2]Benjamin Winchester of Westborough.

[3]An original settler of Westborough.