September 28, 1738

1738 September 28 (Thursday).  Rainy Still.  Old Mr. Maynard came and requested me to go over to his son in laws, Nathaniel Oakes[1] to see their Young Child.  P.M. It held up.  I went over with him.  The Child was thought to be in great Danger of Death.  They requested that I would baptize it.  They sent about to the Neighbours to come in.  There came upward of 20 persons, and I baptiz’d it by the name of Ebenezer.  After that Exercise I rode up to Lieutenant Holloways,[2] visited Silas and Timothy Fay, and call’d at Captain Eagers at Evening.

[1]Nathaniel Oak married Keziah Maynard, June 7, 1736.

[2]William Holloway of Westborough.