September 22, 1738

1738 September 22 (Friday).  We set out early from Brookfield.  Saw nothing of Mr. Bliss at Richardsons as was appointed though we tarried some while there.  Din’d at Mr. Goddards’s[1] at Leicester (whose wife had lately been deliver’d of a son).  He set out with us for Worcester.  Met Mr. Abijah Bruce of Westborough on the Road.  Call’d at Mr. Burrs[2] and at Mr. Cushings.  Got home in Safety and found all Things well and in Prosperity.  Moss[3] went off the Monday morning after we departed.  Blessed be the Lord who hath smil’d on our going out and returning Home, who hath been our Shade upon our Right Hand and preserved us and ours from all Evil.  To His Name be Glory from henceforth and forever!

[1]Reverend David Goddard (Harvard 1731), second minister of Leicester, Mass., 1716- I754. Sibley, IX, 40-43.

[2]Reverend Isaac Burr of Worcester.

[3]Abraham Moss, Parkman’s hired man.