September 18, 1738

1738 September 18 (Monday).  Mr. Prout, his Lady and Daughter, Mr. Hunt and Sister, and Mr. Pomroy, all came in to see us at going off.  Mr. Hezekiah Pierpont[1] came and waited upon Mrs. Pierpont Some Miles with us.  I rode up to College and to the Rectors for Mr. Woodbridge who had appointed to go with us, but he did not go.  Mr. Daniel Edwards and Mr. Belden of Norwalk were our Company.  Sorrowful Leave-taking of our Friends.  Mr. Pierpont and Madame his Sister rode as far as Hamesdens and there parted.  We set out from thence at almost noon.  We din’t at Halls[2] in Merrydan, a Corner of Farmington (as I remember) at 3/4 after one.  Set out again just an Hour after.  Stopp’d at Beckleys.  Mr. Thomas Goodwin,[3] late of Boston, now of Weathersfield, in Company.  We halted at Mr. Goodwins at Weathersfield, and then though weary’d and tir’d we stood it out to Mr. Secretary Wyllys’s in Hartford, and there were friendly receiv’d and lodg’d that Night.  N.B. The Ancient Pedigree of Wyllys.

[1]The youngest son of the Reverend James Pierpont of New Haven.

[2]Reverend Theophilus Hall (Yale 1727), first minister of Meriden, Conn., 1728-1767.  Dexter, pp. 352-353.

[3](Harvard 1725).  Sibley, VII, 517-S18.