September 17, 1738

1738 September 17 (Sunday).  Too much indispos’d still for my public Service, yet was oblig’d to try.  Mr. Hunt preach’d a.m. on Tit. 3.2.  I din’d at Mr. Noyes’s.  N.B. I left my Bible at Home when I went to meeting p.m.  I hastily fetch’d it.  Mr. Noyes pray’d.  I preach’d on Job 19.25. Supp’d at Mr. Noyes’s.  N.B. Old Mr. Warham Mather,[1] the Rector and Mr. Daniel Edwards there after Supper.  Walk’d to Mr. Prouts[2] where we were very kindly receiv’d.  From thence we retir’d home.  Several very Cool Nights.

[1](Harvard 1685), sometime preacher and teacher, and Judge of the Probate Court at New Haven, 1716-1727.  Sibley, III, 319-320.

[2]John Prout (Yale 1708), a merchant of New Haven and Treasurer of Yale College.  Dexter, pp. 76-77.