September 13, 1738

1738 September 13 (Wednesday).  Being the Day of their Commencement I attended at College and at the Meeting House.  Mr. Gay[1] of Hingham, Mr. Storer[2] of Waterton, Mr. Pemberton[3] of New York, Mr. Smith[4] of Weymouth, and Mr. John Hunt[5] preacher, were there.  N.B. Mr. Dickerson[6] of Elizabeth Town — divers Clergymen of the Church of England, especially Mr. Johnson[7] and Wetmore.[8]  N.B. Mr. Elmer[9] of Cohanzy.  N.B. Mr. John Barrett and Mr. Benjamin Gerrish, Merchants of Boston, there.  I din’d in the Hall.  The Exercises and Entertainments handsome and agreeable, and especially the Valedictory Oration.  The Company was not very numerous.  The Custom of giving Diploma at the time of giving the Degree is most fit and proper in my Eye and what I could wish our College would come into.

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