September 11, 1738

1738 September 11 (Monday).  Mr. Holyoke and Some Number besides were going up to Mt. Tom (call’d So as Tradition has it from one Rowland Thomas) and to Mt. Holyoke, (call’d so from one of the Presidents ancestors) and from thence they purpos’d to Mr. Rands[1] at Sunderland. But we rode to Long Meadow, when the Frost of this Morning which was very great was in great Degree gone, met Mr. Allis[2] hastening to join the foresaid Company.  Mr. Williams set out with us, so far as to guide us to the way to Enfield.  We cross’d the Ferry and rode (with one Kebby in Company) to Mr. Devotions[3] at Suffield.  N.B. A fine prospect on the North of Suffield Meeting House.  After kind Entertainment, dining, etc. we set out from thence in the middle of the Afternoon, rode to Windsor and Hartford and were kindly entertain’d at Mr. Austins.[4]  N.B. His Honor Governor Law,[5] Captain Wadsworth,[6] etc. at Mr. Austins.  N.B. 500 Hogsheads of Tobacco ship’d off last year from Connecticut River to the West Indies and chiefly from Windsor.

[1]Reverend William Rand (Harvard 1721), second minister of Sunderland, Mass., and one of Parkman’s classmates.  Sibley, VI, 549-553.

[2]William Allis of Sunderland.

[3]Reverend Ebenezer Devotion (Harvard 1707), third minister of Suffield, Mass. (now Connecticut).  Sibley, V, 329-331.

[4]John Austin of Hartford, a merchant of that town.

[5]Jonathan Law (Harvard 1695), Governor of Connecticut.  Sibley, IV, 237-242.

[6]Joseph Wadsworth of Windsor, Conn.