September 9, 1738

1738 September 9 (Saturday).  Fair, bright Day.  I waited upon Colonel William Pyncheon after I have view’d the River, the burying Place, etc.  N.B. Some remarkable Inscriptions.  N.B. Whilst we were at Colonel Pyncheon’s with the President, Mr. Williams[1] of Longmeadow came and after him Mr. Hopkins of the other Parish.  They shap’d a Scheme for my assisting Mr. Williams by Mr. Hopkins[2] preaching there and my preaching on the west Side, which I consented to after we had all din’d together at Mr. Brecks.  N.B. Mr. Breck and I paid our Regards to old Colonel Pyncheon and his son Captain William, And p.m. Mr. President, Mr. Breck and I waited upon old Madame Brewer.[3]

[1]Reverend Stephen Williams (Harvard 1713), minister of the First Congregational Church of Longmeadow, Mass., 1714-1782.  Sibley, VI, 25-35.

[2]Reverend Samuel Hopkins (Yale 1718), minister at West Springfield, Mass., 1720- 1755.  Dexter, 184-187.

[3]Widow of Reverend Daniel Brewer (Harvard 1687) of Springfield, Mass.