September 7, 1738

1738 September 7 (Thursday).  In the Morning, just as we were mounting Mr. Cheney (who had lodg’d with Mr. Bridgham[1] at Brimfield) came, and stay’d us whilst we made a visit to Colonel Dwight.[2]  N.B. Colonel engage’d in building a new House.  About 3/4 after 8 we set out with Dr. Pyncheons Company.  Light at Ashleys.[3]  Left Ashleys between 10 and 11.  At 1/2 after one arriv’d weary and tir’d at Scots in Kingston.  Din’d there.  Left Scotts 1/2 after 2.  One Mr. Ball of Springfield and an Irishman bound to Glascow added to the Company.  At Lambs in Springfield 1/2 after 3.  N.B. Norwich Indians at Lambs.  Left Lambs 20 minutes after 4.  Mr. Breck came out to meet us a little before we got up to the Town.  We arriv’d by Day Light — and not so tir’d as last night, nor as I was at Scotts in Kingstown.

[1]Reverend James Bridgham (Harvard 1726), minister of Brimfield, Mass.  Sibley, VIII, 7-10.

[2]Timothy Dwight of Northampton, Mass.

[3]The Ashley family kept a tavern in Westfield, Mass., for many years.