September 6, 1738

1738 September 6 (Wednesday).  At about 9 a.m. My Wife and I set out upon our Journey to Springfield and New Haven, on my Own and Cousen Winchester’s Horses.  Mr. Tainter bore us Company to Mr. Cushings at Shrewsbury.  N.B. I bought a Foot Wheel at Mr. Cushings which Mr. Tainter was So kind as to bring home.  Din’d seasonably and agreeably at Colonel Chandlers[1] at Worcester.  P.M. rode to Richardsons at Brookfield by about l/4 after 5.  N.B. These Richardsons were heretofore Malden Milk Folks to our Family at Boston.  They were very obliging and would receive no pay but for our Oats.  We got to Mr. Cheneys[2] a little before Candle Light, but were so unhappy as to find neither Mr. Cheney nor Madame at Home.  Mr. Cheney was gone to wait upon a number of Gentlemen who were upon the Road, Scil. Colonel Wendell,[3] Mr. President Holyoke,[4] Mr. Appleton,[5] etc.  We tarried with and were entertain’d decently by Mrs. Dolly Hanley expecting Mr. Cheneys Return, but he came not.  Dr. Pyncheon[6] of Springfield came in and tarried over night likewise.

[1]John Chandler, a very prominent citizen, who at one time or another held virtually all the offices in the town.  Lincoln, Worcester, pp. 296-298.

[2]Reverend Thomas Cheney (Harvard 1711), first minister of Brookfield, Mass.  Sibley, V, 561-563.

[3]‘ Jacob Wendell, merchant of Boston, member of the Council of the province after 1737 and commander of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery.

[4]Edward Holyoke (Harvard 1705), President of Harvard College.  Sibley, V, 265-278.

[5]Reverend Nathaniel Appleton of Cambridge, Mass.

[6]Joseph Pynchon (Harvard 1726), physician of Springfield, Mass.  Sibley, VIII, 90-92.