August 22, 1738

1738 August 22 (Tuesday).  Rode to Lancaster Association not without being Sadly bewildered in the Woods, having lost my way once and again in going over.  Mr. Loring,[1] Mr. Williams[2] of Weston, Mr. Cushing,[3] Mr. Nathan Stone,[4] Mr. Solomon Prentice, and Mr. Stearns[5] present.  Mr. Loring’s Concio on Acts 10, part of 38th example who went about doing good.  See Association Records.  N.B. One Mr. Carter[6] dyed over there — a person of some Worth.

[1]Reverend Israel Loring of Sudbury.

[2]Reverend William Williams.

[3]Reverend Job Cushing of Shrewsbury.

[4](Harvard 1726). First minister of Southborough, Mass.  Sibley, VIII, 99-105.

[5]Reverend David Stearns (Harvard 1728).  Sibley, VIII, 496-498.

[6]Samuel Carter died August 22, 1738.  He was a former selectman of Lancaster, Mass.