July 25, 1738

1738 July 25 (Tuesday).  I visited Mr. Samuel Fay as the Committee had desir’d on the 13th.  He deny’d that he had Said any Thing as if he desir’d any visit from me.  His chief objections and offence against me were what arose from my bringing in new Singing and my wearing a Wigg.  I reply’d that I was not aware that I had at any time given him just Reason of Offence but if he judg’d I had and we could not succeed in Reconciling the matter our Selves it was our Wisdom to get the Assistance of Some prudent, Serious, Christian Brethren about us; and I desir’d him to choose who he pleas’d that were such and I would be advis’d and guided by them.  N.B. I inform’d him of not only what notice I took of his Conduct when my Brother Parkman was with me at his House to make him a Visit and he would not So much as come down from the Chamber to Speak with us, and of what I have divers times heard of him having for Several Years kept himself from seeing me in the pulpit, etc. — Which he own’d with a Laugh.  He was urg’d to choose some Christian men to hear his Grievance — but he gave no reply to any of those Proposals.  He did vouchsafe to thank my visit when I withdrew.  At Eve A black thunder Storm arose.  I got Shelter at Lieutenant Bakers.  There was an heavy Shower and Sharp Lightening — but it clear’d up finely before it was too late to come home.