July 5, 1738

1738 July 5 (Wednesday).  It being Commencement I was chiefly at the following Chambers, Scil.: Sir Lorings,[1] Sir Davis’s.[2]  I visited Several others, as Sir Tyler’s,[3] where I broke fast.  I din’d but poorly in the Hall.  P.M. The Presidents[4] Oration was very excelling.  Lodg’d at Father Champney’s and Sir Mower[5] with me.

[1]Jonathan Loring (Harvard 1738), the son of Reverend Israel Loring of Sudbury, who later became a lawyer in Marlborough.  Sibley, X, 298-299.

[2]Jonathan Davies (Harvard 1738), later a Roxbury physician.  Sibley, X, 285.

[3]Andrew Tyler (Harvard 1738), minister of First Congregational Church of Westwood, 1743-1772.  Sibley, X, 329-334.

[4]Edward Holyoke (Harvard 1705) became the ninth President of Harvard College, Sept. 28, 1737.  Sibley, V, 265-278.

[5]Richard Mower (Harvard 1738) of Lynn.  Sibley, X, 306-307.