June 15, 1738

1738 June 15 (Thursday).  My wife rode with me to Grafton.  It look’d showery.  When at Grafton it rain’d too hard for her to proceed with me according to Design, but Mr. Prentice went with me to Sutton Lecture.  I preach’d on 2 Thess. 2.16.17.  N.B. The Church of Sutton dissatisfy’d with Mr. Peres Rice.[1]  Mr. Prentice and I at Mr. Rice’s in the Evening and Justice Dudley[2] there also.  Mr. Prentice and I rode down to Grafton, where I left my Spouse and we lodged there.

[1]A former resident of Westborough.  Son of Thomas Rice.

[2]Paul Dudley, a judge of the Massachusetts Superior Court.