April 19, 1738

1738 April 19 (Wednesday).  Mr. Bliss and Mr. Haven came.  Mr. Prentice of Grafton laid some Difficultys he was labouring under, before us.  Mr. Prentice the Moderator gave Mr. Bliss reasons why he Suppos’d the Association would not look upon themselves call’d to meddle with the Affairs of Marlborough.  The Moderator preach’d the public Lecture on Ps. 73.25.  I pray’d the Church to receive their Votes for a Deacon or Deacons.  The First (which was not ripen’d till the 3d Trial) was for Brother Thomas Forbush, For whom (at last there were 24 Votes out of 36 Members).  Then the Church unanimously mov’d for a second to be Chosen — to which I consented.  But seeing the Association were waiting for me I (with the Church’s Consent) appointed Deacon Fay to receive the Church’s Votes whilst I withdrew.  When I returned I found they had chosen Brother Seth Rice to be the other Deacon.[1]

[1]See Church Records, April 19 and May 25, 1738.  Both Thomas Forbush, Jr., and Seth Rice declined election.