January 1, 1738

1738 January 1 (Sunday).  Nothing less than Patience and Forbearance which is Divine could permitt me another Year Still!  A.M. on Mat. 8.5 — p.m., on Eccl. 1.2.  I would Committ to God the Events of this Year, and I would enter a fixed Resolution, by the Grace of God to Serve Him in Fidelity in Some preferable Degree to what I have done heretofore.

January 4, 1738

1738 January 4 (Wednesday).  Captain Eager called me in the morning to go over to Upton to the Ordination of Mr. Thomas Weld.[1]  Mr. Tainter also went over with us.  The Churches sent to were, the Church in Mendon, Brookline, Hopkinton, Attlebury, Uxbridge and Grafton; Mr. Barrett prayed before Sermon, Mr. Allen[2] preach’d on Isa. 6.8.  Mr. Dorr[3] gave the Charge; Mr. Weld of Attlebury the right Hand. Entertainment was plentifull at Ensign Woods.  N.B. Deacon Millins[4] of Hopkinton Disputes for Ruling Elders, in opposition to the Doctrine deliver’d to Day.  A very fine, bright, moderate Day.  Return’d at Evening.

[1](Harvard 1723).  Sibley, VII, 273-279.

[2]Probably James Allin (Harvard 1710), the first minister of Brookline.  Sibley, V, 506-510.

[3]Reverend Joseph Dorr of Mendon.

[4]Henry Mellen.

January 13, 1738

1738 January 13 (Friday).  Mr. Elias Havin,[1] on his journey to preach at Leicester here and lodged here.  N.B. Captain Fay here at Evening also, and Mr. Reuben Maynard.  It has been a Week of remarkably warm, pleasant Weather little freezing even o’nights.  N.B. I had visited Rebecca Ward, p.m. being called by Mr. Samuel Fay, junior.

[1]Elias Haven (Harvard 1733), schoolmaster at Hopkinton and later minister of Franklin, 1738-1754.  Sibley, IX, 304-309.

January 26, 1738

1738 January 26 (Thursday).  Mr. Increase Ward and his son had requested that we would keep this Day in humiliation and Prayer on account of the Frowns of Heaven upon them in their grievous Sickness and Bereavment.  Considering also that the Providence of God had been remarkable in the Late Mortality.  The Exercise was publickly mentiond in the Congregation the Sabbath past, but because of Mr. Ward’s and his Familys Circumstances we kept it at his House.  Mr. Prentice[1] came at our request and assisted in the Prayers.  I preached on John 2.2.  Repeating with some alterations and Additions, part of my sermon on 1 John 4.10.  Many were gathered together and the Family provided a decent refreshment afterwards.

[1]Reverend Solomon Prentice of Grafton.

January 31, 1738

1738 January 31 (Tuesday).  Very Cold windy day.  Dr. Gott and his wife and Mr. Timothy Harrington made us a Visit and din’d and spent the Afternoon among us, except what time divers of us were down at Ensign Maynards, where were a Meeting of Houssatunnoc Petitioners for the drawing their Lotts.  N.B. Colonel Woods there also.  Very Cold Evening but they all returnd to Marlborough.  January leaves us like itself, but the most of the month has been the moderatest that most can remember.