November 10, 1737

1737 November 10 (Thursday).  I rode to Mr. Wheeler’s, called at Mr. Danforth[1] as I went, but dined at Mr. Wheeler’s.  N.B. Mr. Thos. Ward at Mr. Nathan Balls’s.  I was at Mr. Lawrence’s,[2] and at Mr. Gershom Fay’s[3] and at Mr. McCollister’s.[4]  N.B. Disappointment about Swine notwithstanding my long Dependence.

[1]Walett: John Danforth of Westborough.

[2]Walett: Benjamin Lawrence of Westborough.

[3]Walett: Gershom Fay, Jr., the nephew of Captain John Fay lived in that part of Westborough that later became Northborough.

[4]Walett: John McCollister.