October 23, 1737

1737 October 23 (Sunday).  Early in the morning began to write my address to the Prisoner.  A.M. on Eccl. 11.9, a crowded assembly, poor Hugh Henderson present.  P.M. on Job 3.36.  A very great congregation, it being in their apprehension the last Sabbath Sermon the poor Criminal is to hear.  At evening called at Mr. Eaton’s[1] and at the Sheriff’s,[2] who went with me to the Prison.  I interrogated the Prisoner what was the occasion of his coming to this country — whether he had discovered and acknowledged all that was fit and proper for him to reveal?  Whether he had any confederates?  A great number flocked in the Goal when at his Request I prayed with him.  I left him between 8 and 9.  By that I went to Mr. Cushing’s where I intended to lodge.  They were all in Bed wherefore, though cold, I proceeded home to my own House.


N.B. Mr. Jarvis came up last night in a chair.

[1]Walett: Joshua Eaton (Harvard 1735), the first lawyer to settle in Worcester and later the first minister of Spencer.  Sibley, IX, 533-538.

[2]Forbes: The first sheriff of Worcester County was Daniel Gookin, who held the office until 1743.

He was a son of Gen’l Daniel Gookin.  (Worc. Hist.)