October 18, 1737

1737 October 18 (Tuesday).  Visited Capt. Byles who is grown exceeding bad again.  Visited the wife of William Rogers Jr. and proceeded to Mr. Brigham’s to see their Desolations.  A Sorrowful Sight!  I desire heartily to sympathize.  Returned to Capt. Byles.[1]  He dyed this evening.  N.B. Mr. Jarvis went to Boston in the morning.  N.B. Mr. Jonathan Forbes[2] at my house in the Evening and after him Messrs. Ed and Benj. Goddard.[3]

[1]Forbes: Capt. Joseph Byles had married Rebecca Forbush, the sister of Jonathan, Samuel and Thomas Forbush.  He lived on the south side of Chauncy Pond.  He was one of the “first inhabitants.”

[2]Forbes: Dea. Jonathan Forbes b. in Marlborough in 1684 – married in 1706, when he was a young man of twenty-two, a woman twice married, with a family of four children.  At this time he was living near the present town reservoir.  He was the first one of the family to write his name Forbes – his older brothers, Samuel and Thomas, and their descendants, being always known by the name of Forbush.  The Massachusetts Gazette of March 31, 1768, says: — “His life was exemplary; his departure in the firm hope of a glorious immortality; his progeny numerous.”

Walett: Deacon Jonathan Forbush was one of the first to change the name to Forbes.

[3]Walett: The Goddards were from Shrewsbury.