March 25, 1737

1737 March 25 (Friday).  I rode to Marlborough, din’d with Mr. Hovey at Mm. Madame Fish’s.  Spent the afternoon at Dr. Gott’s — was at the Colonel’s, but returned to Doctor’s.  Mr. Hovey there with a Bass Viol.  N.B. Mrs. H___h B___k at the Doctor’s still.  Our conversation of a piece with what it used to be.  I mark her admirable Conduct, her Prudence and wisdom, her good manners and her distinguishing Respectfulness to me which accompany her Denyals.  After it grew late in the Evening, I rode home to Westb., through the Dark and the Dirt, but cheerfully and comfortably (comparatively).  N.B. My Family all abed.