March 19, 1737

1737 March 19 (Saturday).  A.M. To Dr. Gott’s, but a short space with Mrs. Hannah.[1]  At my Request, she had (she assured me) burnt my Letters, Poems etc.  P.M. Funeral of Capt. Eleazer How.[2]  Capt. Brigham[3] informed of the Death of President Wadsworth,[4] the Night before last, also lately Part of Northampton Meeting-House fell and wounded many, in time of Divine Service, and the Burning of Young Colonel Chandler’s[5] House at Woodstock, and three persons consumed in it, scil, Mrs. Wright, her son and a man who was asleep with him.  I returned home.  At eve, Dr. Thiery at my house in great Urgency going to Boston for Drugs, to relieve Stephen Fay, no persuading him to the Contrary although the Roads are extreme bad, the night Dark etc.  N.B. A piece of Cotton Linnen of 12 yards from Mr. Caruths.

[1]Walett: Hannah Breck of Marlborough whom the Rev. Parkman was courting.

[2]Walett: Of Marlborough. The commander of a company of militia.

[3]Walett: Nathan Brigham of Marlborough.

[4]Walett: President Benjamin Wadsworth of Harvard College.

[5]Walett: Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Chandler, Woodstock’s first representative to the Gen- eral Assembly of Conn. Clarence W. Bowen, Woodstock An Historical Sketch (New York, 1886), p. 47.