March 14, 1737

1737 March 14 (Monday).  I visited Stephen Fay, Capt. Fay and old Mr. Rice.[1]  David went away.

[1]Forbes: Probably Thomas Rice, who was at this time eighty-three years old.  He had formerly lived on the same road as the Fays, in the house which had earlier served for many years as a garrison, and near which occurred the sad tragedy of 1704, when two of his sons and two of his nephews were carried into captivity, while his youngest little boy was killed by the attacking Indians.

Thomas was one of the original settlers of the town and one of its most prominent citizens.  He served in the Legislature, and did his best to promote the welfare of the Church and town during a long life.  He died in 1748.

The house of Mr. Frank V. Bartlett now stands on the site of his old home.  This place he had sold, and Abner Newton was living there in 1737, when his dwelling-house was entered in the night-time by Hugh Henderson, who paid the penalty of his crime with his life in November, as recorded in the Journal for that month.

Walett: Thomas Rice, an original settler of Westborough.