October 31, 1736

1736 October 31 (Sunday).  Thomas remains in Much the Same State; but the Swelling on Each side very hard.  We were greatly Concerned yesterday, and much more so to Day that Deborah is not Come yet.  But still the more so because the mare she rode upon returned home to Brother Hicks’s alone, and without her Tackling.  I preached on Rev. 3.1, last Clause, a. and p.m. on Consideration of the Divine Lenity, and the Reason for our Self Reflection.  Now 4 times 3 Years are concluded since we were planted in Gods Vineyard.  O that we might duely Consider how Christ knows our Works, our Good and our Bad — under all our Pretences and Professions, our Advantages and obligations — And marks our Conduct whilst we have Space and opportunity vouchsafed us, through the Divine Forbearance towards us!  At Evening Eleazer Ward[1] took their Horse and rode up to Grafton to see what had befallen Deborah.

[1]Many years later Parkman wrote, “Attend the Funeral of Mrs. Nurse and pray’d there.  Mr. Eleazer Ward of Paxton there.  He is the only Residue of the Family that used to dwell in that House.  May I have profitable Reflections on this speaking Providence!” (May 7, 1773.)