October 26, 1736

1736 October 26 (Tuesday).  I rode to Southborough in the Morning to Lieut. Nathan Brighams[1] to get him to come to rebuild a piece of my Cellar Wall and to lay a Foundation for another Stack of Chimneys at the Same time with it.  Very raw Cold.  Snow’d a while.  I sent an Answer to a Letter I received last night from Worcester, which contained an Invitation to be present at the Ordination of Mr. William Johnson[2] there among the Presbyterians.

[1]Lt. Nathan Brigham d. Sept. 15, 1784, in his 91st y. (Southborough VR, 159)

[2]William Johnson, probably U. of Edinburgh 1704, minister of the Scotch-Irish Presbyterian in Worcester, Mass., 1725-1736.  Weis, Colonial Clergy, 118.