October 11, 1736

1736 October 11 (Monday).  As Early in the Morning as I could I rode to Marlborough: leaving David and Benjamin at the Stone Wall Pointing down the South Road.  Conversation but short with Mrs. H________ at the Doctors, She being in preparation for her Journey, — and how amiable my Dear Amazon when Compleat in her Riding Habit!  Had it not been for my work men at Home, Expectation of Mr. Tucker from Boston to mend my Pump, Expectation of Huskers at my Barn at Night, and four sick Children to visit on the North part of the Town I Should have fondly waited upon her in her Journey — But I found it impossible to break through all these.  I broke fast at Coll. Woods’s when I had seen her mounted, and had Committed her (under God) to the Care of Mr. Skinner[1] (preacher Yesterday at Marlborough) who was upon his Journey also.  N.B. They Sat out just at 12 o’Clock.  In my riding up my Road to the North part of Westborough I was Stopped by a Messinger out of Mr. Benjamin Rice’s and requested to visit Mr. Rice’s wife[2] who lay at the point of Death.  I Conversed and prayed with her.  Dined there about 2 or 3 ho. p.m. and thence to Mr. Joseph Rice’s to visit Madam (who was heretofore Madam [Cornay?] of Boston) — Thence up to Mr. Thomas Warrins[3] of Westborough and further up to Mr. Lawrence’s,[4] to Mr. Balls and Mr. Wheelers and thence home.  N.B. No Huskers but David and Benjamin.

[1]Thomas Skinner (1709-1762), Harvard 1732, minister of Colchester, CT, 1740-1762; SHG, 9:223-26.

[2]Mary [Graves], wife of Benjamin Rice, d. Oct. 22, 1736, in her 66th year (MVR, 386).

[3]Thomas Warrin, who lived on the north side of Westborough (Dec. 3, 1740), d. Dec. 29, 1771 (Northborough VR, 151).

[4]Benjamin and Jane Lawrence were admitted to the Westborough church, July 3, 1737, having been dismissed from Lexington; they were dismissed to the church in Bolton, Feb. 16, 1749 (WCR, 45, 84).