July 26, 1736

1736 July 26 (Monday).  Sarah went to Mr. Maynards again this Morning, for Deborah was about house again, though weak and feeble and discouraged.  David at Meadow.  Mrs. Maynard here at Eve.  Rainy in the Night.  N.B. Mr. John Swift junior,[1] Hill[2] (a young Scholer) and Capt. Flagg of Wor’ster here.

[1]John Swift, Jr. (1714-1775), Harvard 1733, minister of Acton, 1738-1775.  SHG, 9:333-36.

[2]Abraham Hill (1719-1788), Harvard 1737, minister of Shutesbury, Mass., 1742-1778.  SHG, 10:196-201.