July 18, 1736

1736 July 18 (Sunday).  Sacrament.  A.M. on Song 2.16.  P.M. Repeated Sermon 623 (on Lev. 19.30) from Isa. 58.13.14.  With the whole Service (there having been several admitted into the Church to Day, besides the usual Exercises)[1] I was much fatigued and Spent at Night.  Samuel Allen Sick of the Distemper, and he was prayed for.

[1]July 18, 1736: “Josiah Russell and Mercy his wife offered Confessions of the Sin of Violating the 7th Commandment and were restored and they were likewise admitted into our Communion: as were Noah Rice and Stephen Fay, at the Same Time.  Then the Sacrament of the L. Supper was administered” (WCR, 43).