July 8, 1736

1736 July 8 (Thursday).  Commencement Entertainments and Company hold Strong to Day.  Very many People from Boston to Day.  I din’d with my old Friend Mrs. Winslow at her sons Chamber — Sir Winslow[1] — Mr. John Winslow from Plymouth there.  But the Colonel was confined by great Indispositions.  P.M. I Set out from F. Champneys.  Overtook <word crossed out> Mr. Stone of Southborough and Mr. C. Rice in Waterton.  It was about 5 o’Clock.  Mr. Rice and I proceeded up to Marlborough this Evening and I lodged with him.  N.B. we got to Marlborough at about 11 at night.

[1]Edward Winslow (1714-1784), Harvard 1736.  SHG, 10:100-09.