July 7, 1736

1736 July 7 (Wednesday).  Commencement.  I rode up to Cambridge in the Morning.  I traded with Mr. Lambson at Neck of Land, for Two pair Grave Stones.  Divers young Ladies and Gentlemen at F. Champneys.  Mrs. Sarah Mountfort with her Brother — Mrs. Betty Ellis and Mr. Thomas Goldthwait — and some others.  I walked over with them.  N.B. At Noon in the Hall, the President[1] would have room Made for the Representatives, and directed many up into the Library, where there was no room for them.  But I kept my Scituation in the Hall.  P.M. N.B. The unusual Opposition, and Contest between the Corporation and Overseers respecting Mr. Hartshorne’s[2] having his Degree.  I lodged at F. Champneys.  A very Public Commencement and a great deal of Company.  But Hartshorne, and the Governours[3] hasty withdraw from the middst of the Public Exercise, the Grand Subject of all Talk.

[1]Benjamin Wadsworth (1670-1637, Harvard 1690; SHG, 83-91.

[2]Ebenezer Hartshorn, Harvard 1732.  Hartshorn left Harvard during his sophomore year and later appealed, ultimately successfully, to receive his M.A.  SHG, 9:164-66.

[3]Governor Jonathan Belcher (1682-1757), Harvard 1698; SHG, 4:434-49.