April 8, 1736

1736 April 8 (Thursday).  Mr. Prince[1] on Ezek. 36.26.  I expected a Funeral Sermon, but we had no word of it.  I dined at Mr. Foxcrofts,[2] as did Mr. Thatcher[3] and Mr. Mather.[4]  P.M. at Mr. James Pierpont’s[5] [marginal notation: and at Mr. Charles Coffins — N.B. String Beans there eat as well as New gathered, prepared in salt.  Soaked all night and parboiled before they were broke for the Pot: A very great and very agreeable Rarity] etc.  At Eve sister Lydia rode up to Cambridge with me.  N.B. My Horse had been kept a Day or Two at Mr. Charles Coffins stable, by means of my Brother Samuel.  Lit of Mr. Ivory Hovey on the Road to Cambridge.

[1]Thomas Prince (1687-1758), Harvard 1707, minister of Boston’s Old South Church, 1718-1758. SHG, 5:341-68.

[2]Thomas Foxcroft (1697-1769), Harvard 1714, minister of Boston’s First Church, 1717-1769.  SHG, 6:47-58. 

[3]Peter Thacher (1677-1739), Harvard 1696, minister of Weymouth, 1707-1719, and Boston’s New North Church, 1720-1739; SHG 4:303-08.

[4]Samuel Mather (1706-1785), Harvard 1723, minister of Boston’s Second Church, 1732-1741, and the Bennet Street Church, 1741-1785.  SHG, 7:216-38.

[5]James Pierpont, Jr., 1699-1776 (Yale 1718), son of Rev. James Pierpont (1660-1714; Harvard 1681) of New Haven.  He mar. Sarah, daughter of Nathaniel and Martha (Cunnable) Breck. DYG, 1:189-90.