March 23, 1736

1736 March 23 (Tuesday).  I went over to the North side of the Town to prevent or Change the Design of that Corner, to come and get Wood for me — for I had purposed to go to Boston that Day they had laid out to come upon; and having had 31 Load of Wood of Late, in all 75 Load this Winter, and my Fences much rather needing repair; on these Accounts I esteemed it a greater kindness to come and get Fencing Stuff for me than Fire Wood.  At Lieutenant Holloways, at Mr. Sim. Haywards.  N.B. I visited Mr. Thomas Ward.  At Eve I rode over to Mr. Tainters.[1]  At Neighbour Asher Rice’s.  N.B. The Grievous Feuds between that man and his Wife.  Returning home I had most painfull Toothach.  Blistered at Midnight.  Deborah Ward very tender and helpfull.  I record it as a <word crossed out> Favour and Blessing that in my bereavement God has vouchsafed me such a Singularly faithfull House keeper.  I pray God to reward her not only with outward but with Spiritual and Eternal Blessings!

[1]Simon Tainter (d. Apr. 2, 1767) mar. Rebecca Harrington of Watertown, 1714; was admitted to the church, Apr. 3, 1726; and was chosen deacon, Jan. 16, 1757.