March 1, 1736

1736 March 1 (Monday).  Mr. Ivory Hovey, who kept Sabbath with me, returned to Marlborough.  Mr. Livermore brought home my Books new Vamped.  Brother Asher Rice very much unsays what he Said to me on Saturday, by way of Satisfaction for having wickedly alienated the Money he had gathered, pretendedly for me, With this argument with people that now there was peculiar necessity and call for it because of the Singular Providences of God I was under.  Yet he brought me no farthing, nor did let me See him for a month after.  And to day (which was the first paying me any at all) brought me but 21 sh. and 6d.  N.B. Samuel Hardy, and several others round him, were not at Communion Yesterday — by which means much Evil was prevented.  It looks like the particular Hand of God — for I understood on Saturday Eve, that he was resolute to Come.  William Stacey came from Mr. Langdon of Hopkinton, to glaize my Kitchin.  Dr. Matthews here to See Ebenezer.  N.B. I sent for him yesterday, by Neighbour Stephen Fay.[1]  Ebenezer better.  At Eve a storm of Snow.  William Stacey lodged here. 

[1]Possibly Stephen Fay, son of John and Elizabeth Fay, b. May 5, 1715 (WVR, 42).  Stephen Fay mar. Ruth Child, Mar. 7, 1734 (WVR, 150).  His wife Ruth was admitted to the church, June 3, 1736; he was admitted, July 18, 1736; and on Aug. 15, their son John was baptized (WCR, 41, 43).