January 10, 1736

1736 January 10 (Saturday).  Fine, bright, moderate Weather.  Mr. Eliezer How[1] of Marlborough here to take Counsel respecting his joining to the Church.  Mr. Stephen Fay’s Wife[2] also here upon a like account.  At Eve Mr. Caleb Rice[3] of Marlborough here.

[1]Eleazer How of Marlborough also met with Parkman on June 9 and was admitted to the church, July 11, 1736 (WCR, 43).  The son of Eleazer How, he had been baptized at the Marlborough church, Apr. 11, 1708 (MVR, 98).  On Apr. 29, 1733, Lemuel, the son of Eleazar Junior and Hephzibah How of Marlborough, was baptized, “she being a member of the Church of Christ in Marlborough” (WCR, 32).

[2]Stephen Fay mar. Ruth Child, Mar. 7, 1734.  She was admitted to the church on June 3, 1736; he was admitted on July 18, 1736; and their son John (b. Dec. 23, 1734) was bapt. Aug. 15, 1736 (WCR, 41, 43).  At the time of her admission to the church, Ruth Fay was pregnant with their second child, Jonas, b. Jan. 28, 1737 (WVR, 40).

[3]Caleb Rice (1712-1759), Harvard 1730, son of Deacon Caleb and Mary (Ward) Rice of Marlborough; ordained at Sturbridge, Sept. 29, 1736.  SHG, 8:774-75.