December 6, 1729

1729 December 6. The Hand of God is still heavier upon us. Exceeding weak, low and faint, my Self, almost ready to lie down under my prevailing Infirmities. But when both my Flesh and Heart fail, God is still the Strength of my Heart, and my Portion for Ever. But Dark as it has been with us it is become much Darker at or about the Sun setting. The Sun of Maro’s Life Sat. The First Death in my Family! God enable me to See His Sovereign Mind, and Comport with his holy Will!

As my Servant is Summon’d to go before, So God only knows whether his Master is not Shortly to follow after; and so the former to prove as an Harbinger to the latter. O that the whole Family may be getting ready, in another Sort than ever heretofore! But Especially O that God would enable Me to Live apace, Seeing I am Dying apace; to give Diligance, to work with my might, and to stand Waiting all the few Dayes of my appointed time, till God shall call; that when I hear the Summons, I may, with Serenity, Say, Speak Lord, thy Servant heareth, may Depart in Peace, and See the Salvation of God!

While God is Stripping me of Outward Enjoyments I humbly trust God will let me have more of Himself and bestow more of Spiritual, invaluable Blessings.

Every Comfort is that to us, that God makes it, and is so long with us as He pleases to Continue it.