September 4, 1729

1729 September 4.[1]  How Shall I best employ my Self to Day?  It being the last Day of my 26th Year.


Answer 1.  In Solemnly Praising God for his mercies throughout my Life, particularly in the Course of this Year.


  1. In humbling my Self for my Sins especially those of this Year.


  1. In preparing my Self for Tomorrow’s Business. Reading over what I have heretofore done, and what others have transacted, on Such Dayes, etc.  All which may be well assisted (perhaps) by waiting upon the Exercises of the private Meeting at Mr. David Brighams to Day (when I am very much importun’d to be present).  But (alas) the weakness of my Body, and the Confusion of my mind at Seeing So much Business to do, and So Slender Ability to accomplish it!  But besides, Providence calls me to Work for others, as well as for my Self to Day.  I must attend to what may fit me there fore, and then Return to my private Concerns.  The Grace of God enable me, under my Infirmities, and magnifie His Power through my Weakness!

[1]All entries for Sept. 1729 are from the Natalitia.