July 15, 1728

1728 July 15 (Monday).  I rode to Cambridge with Neighbor Green.[1]  Found nobody at Father Champneys but sister Hannah[2] just when I was going away and there came two men that would go in for Cyder.  I went in again and tarried till they went away.  I rode with them to Boston.  Trouble Brother Samuell[3] and Mr. Dorcas.[4]

[1]John Green.

[2]Hannah Champney, Mrs. Parkman’s oldest sister.

[3]Samuel Parkman of Boston.

[4]The reference (clearly legible) to a “Mr. Dorcas” is a bit puzzling.  Parkman was probably referring to Dorcas Bowes, who married Samuel Parkman Jan. 29, 1729.