June 2, 1727

1727 June 2 (Friday).  It was late in the morning before I could set out from Charlston upon my Journey.  I din’d at Father Champneys.  At Mr. Learneds[1] was Mr. Cheney of Brookfield and his wife; and thither came Breck[2] from College.  We all rode up within the bounds of Marlborough together where I parted from my Company.  I got home seasonably.

[1]Thomas Learned was a tavern-keeper in Watertown.

[2]Robert Breck, Jr. (Harvard 1730), son of the Reverend Robert Breck of Marlborough.  Breck, Jr., was later minister of the First Church of Springfield, 1734-1784.  Sibley, VIII, 661-680.