May 29, 1727

1727 May 29 (Monday).  Early in the morning I rode to Mr. Brecks upon my Journey to Boston, but the weather being various he detain’d me till after dinner when I left him.  I hit upon Judge Meinzies[1] and had his Company to Cambridge.  He was very civil and generous to Me on the Road, though his Conversation I had no great Esteem of.  I turn’d out of the Road to go to Father Champneys and thence proceeded to Boston, and was not much after nine at my Fathers House.

[1]John Menzies, a Justice of the Peace of Middlesex County.

May 31, 1727

1727 May 31 (Wednesday).  Mr. Joseph Baxter of Medfield preach’d the Election sermon from 1 Tim. 2.1.2.  Mr. Stimpson,[1] Mr. Greenwood,[2] Mr. Turell[3] and I din’d with the officers of the Town Militia and the company of Cadys [Cadets?] which waited upon his Honor the Lieutenant Governour.[4]  Mr. Turell Pray’d and it fell to me to return.  The Afternoon was in greatest part Spent at Mr. Henchmans[5] Shop with Mr. Greenwood, Turell, Prince,[6] etc., etc.  We went to Mr. Sewalls[7] to the Convention.  In the Evening I was with Mr. Lowell[8] and his Wife[9] first at his and then at her Fathers.  I was also at Captain Kings where Mr. Joseph Parsons[10] was with Mrs. Porter.  I invited him to lodge with me.  Accordingly he did.  He told me sorrowfull News of Mr. Samuel Coffins[11] being far Spent in a Consumption and his Life dispair’d of.

[1]Joseph Stimpson (Harvard 1720), of Charlestown.  Later minister at Maiden, 1735-1744.  Sibley, VI, 410-411.

[2]Isaac Greenwood, Professor of Mathematics at Harvard College.

[3]Reverend Ebenezer Turell (Harvard 1721), minister of Medford, 1724-1778.  Sibley VI, 574-582.

[4]Lieutenant Governor William Dummer was acting governor at this time, pending the arrival of Governor William Burnet.

[5]Daniel Henchman, publisher and bookseller in Boston.

[6]Nathan Prince, tutor at Harvard and brother of the famous historian, Thomas Prince.

[7]Reverend Joseph Sewall of the Old South Church, Boston.

[8]John Lowell (Harvard 1721) of Boston was the first minister of Newburyport, 1725-1767.  Sibley, VI, 496-502.

[9]Lowell married Sarah Champney, a cousin of Parkman’s wife.

[10](Harvard 1720).  Minister of Bradford, 1726-1765.  Sibley, VI, 393-396.

[11]Brocklebank Samuel Coffin (Harvard 1718) of Newbury.  Sibley, VI, 234.