March 18, 1727

1727 March 18 (Saturday).  I had additional Trouble by some Discourse my brother Samuel had with me upon the articles of my tarrying no more in Boston when I went down; for it was very stormy weather and I was urgent to return home.  It rain’d till between 10 and 11, when holding up a little I left home, truly with my heart full of Sadness.  Veruntamen in quoquo peccavi, vel mete vel oculo, vel olioquiu Sanguis pratiosus Jesu Mei per totum purgabit!  It was one o’clock (as I remember) when I set out from Cambridge.  I lit upon Mr. Tainter[1] riding up with Hannah Warrin.[2]  I rode to Dr. Bellows of Marlborough, Stoney Brook, where I stop’d, Mr. Willard being gone up to Westborough.  I was not well, or I should have reach’d home, and there was almost Sunrise to have gone by.  I went to Bed not very Well.  I was exceedingly fatigued and very faint.  But what Surprized one very much in the morning Mr. Willard came in — for my wife Expected that if I returned from Boston at all I should reach home though it were 12 at night first.  He soon went back to Westborough and I preach’d at Stoney Brook (the South part of Marlborough) a. and p.m. on Prov. 3.6.  At Even I returned to my own house.  I found all things Comfortable.  Deo Opt. Max. Grates.

[1]Simon Tainter of Westborough.

[2]Mrs. Hannah Warren of Westborough.