March 17, 1727

1727 March 17 (Friday).  My Brother Elias gave me one of Mr. Webbs[1] books on the 4 Last things; and Deacon Henchman[2] gave me the Extraordinary binding.  I visited my friend Mr. John Adams.[3]  In the Evening we had much more Company than I thought of.  Mr. Secretary Willard,[4] our Cousens, Mrs. Sarah Porter and her Sister, Mrs. Dorcas Bows,[5] etc., etc.  I have grievously and Sadly reflected upon my Levity this Evening.  I am very much afraid that in the Eyes of Some of the Company my Demeanour was not altogether becoming.  But there was nothing criminal in my Conduct with one that considers what a time of Joy it was with us.  However I think I might have spent more time with the graver people, especially have improv’d the opportunity of acquainting my Self better with the Secretary and perhaps it had not been to my Disadvantage.

[1]Reverend John Webb of Boston.  The work was Practical Discourses on Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell. In Twenty-four Sermons (Boston, 1726)

[2]Daniel Henchman, publisher and bookseller in Boston.

[3](Harvard 1721).  Of Boston.  A classmate of Parkman.

[4]Josiah Willard (Harvard 1698) of Boston, college tutor, preacher, shipmaster and Secretary of the Province.  Sibley, IV, 425-432.

[5]Sarah (Champney) Porter was evidently either a cousin or a niece of Mrs. Dorcas Bowes, who was Mrs. Parkman’s cousin.