March 15, 1727

1727 March 15 (Wednesday).  We had very joyfull news from my Brother John.[1]  In the Evening I was at Mr. Greenwoods[2] Lecture which was upon Projectile Motion.  I can’t but Conclude these Exercises by Experiments are the most beneficial as they Reduce all to Sensible Demonstration.  When I return’d I went in with Mr. Greenwood to Dr. Clarks.[3]  At home I saw Captain Willard[4] of Salem.

[1]Parkman’s brother-in-law John Tyley.

[2]Isaac Greenwood, Parkman’s classmate and later first Hollis Professor of Mathematics at Harvard College.

[3]John Clark (Harvard 1687), a physician of Boston.  Professor Greenwood married Clark’s daughter Sarah.  Sibley, III, 375-379.

[4]Josiah Willard.