January 24, 1727

1727 January 24 (Tuesday).  Mr. Cushing came to see me.  I find next to inconceivable Benefit by having frequent Conversation with my friends, especially with my Brethren in the ministry.  But I am griev’d they can have no greater advantage by me.  The Father of Light communicate Wisdom to me but especially make me wise in the Things of God!  Mr. Cushing lodg’d with me.  Mr. Cushing return’d home.  P.M. I was much affected with what I read in the Life of Mr. Mat. Henry,[1] of his wonderfull Labours and Serviceableness.  Example seems to have a far greater influence upon me than precept, since it so gratifies my under powers, my imagination, and curiosity; and thereby captivates my affections.  Its sad that my understanding and Judgement are no more Employ’d upon the purity and perfection of the Divine Laws, and the infinite Justice, Supremacy and goodness of my God that injoins their observance!  But I am glad I can any way be wrought upon, and brought to my Duty.

[1][Additional note: An account of the life and death of … Mr. Matthew Henr: … who died June 22d, 1714 … Chiefly collected out of his own papers, and faithfully published by W. Tong.  London: Printed for M. Lawrence; Em. Matthews; and S. Cliff, 1716.]