December 27, 1726

1726 December 27 (Tuesday).  I rode to Mr. Barretts.  Here was Mrs. Ford[1] and Mrs. Leasingby.[2]  O’bed I read Mr. Moodys[3] Memoirs of Joseph Quasson and Just Sentiments on the protestant Religion.  I likewise dip’d into Mr. Cooper’s[4] Account of Mr. John Coney.

[1]Probably Mrs. Stephen Ford of Charlestown.

[2]This name appears several times but extensive search reveals no clue to the identity of the person.

[3]Samuel Moodey or Moody, A Summary Account of the Life and Death of Joseph Quasson, an Indian (Boston, 1726).

[4]William Cooper, The Service of God. . . Preach’d on . . . the Death of Mr. John Coney [An Appendix, Containing a Further Account of Mr. John Coney, Collected from his Private Writings] (Boston, 1726).  Cooper (Harvard 1712) was minister of the Brattle Street Church in Boston, 1716-1743.  Sibley, V, 624-634.