December 8, 1726

1726 December 8 (Thursday).  Mr. Breck walked with me to Mr. Woods’s.  Here was Old Mr. How[1] of Hopkinton who told over the Manner and Methods of Mr. Barretts[2] coming into Hopkinton and Settling there.  Mr. Woods went up with us to Mr. Brecks where we din’d upon a Turkey.  When Near night I came away, but meeting Mr. Jacob Amsden[3] I went in with him into his Father Behmans,[4] and thence I came home with Mr. Amsden.

[1]John How who was prominent in the establishment of the First Congregational Church in Hopkinton in 1724. Manual of the First Congregational Church in Hopkinton (Boston,
1881), p. 20.

[2]Reverend Samuel Barrett, first minister at Hopkinton.

[3]Of Marlborough.

[4]Jacob Amsden married Sarah Beaman, daughter of Thomas Beaman of Marlborough, October 28,1719.  Jacob Amsden, son of Isaac Amsden, Sr., of Marlborough lived in Westborough as early as 1722.