December 7, 1726

1726 December 7 (Wednesday).  I rode over to Mr. Eagers upon the Affair of my absent Heiffer, But he was gone to Marlborough.  Hearing Mr. Thomas Ward[1] was at Mr. Allens[2] Mill I went Thither and met with him.  Mr. Allen requested me to go in and see his Wife.  I did and had an hour or Two’s Discourse with her.  I both found and left her in a poor Melancholly, dejected, distressed Condition.  From hence I rode to Marlborough.  I went down to Mr. John How’s (who I heard had my Heiffer) first with Two Young Men, Nathaniel Oak[3] and Joshua Goardin, and then with Mr. Ward (who had kept the Creature all Summer and winter Last) to prove it mine, if they were able to give Testimony.  They said (upon Seeing her) that they were not only able but ready, if call’d thereto, to give oath it was mine.  But these all not satisfying Mr. How we went over to Mr. Woods and Chose him and Mr. Jedediah Brigham[4] to Determine between us.  Upon hearing us it fell with full Consent to me and I gave Mr. How 10 Shillings for keeping her.  After this (it being Somewhat after nine o’Clock) I went to Mr. Brecks where I Lodg’d.

[1]Of Westborough.

[2]Ephraim Allen who lived in that part of Westborough which became Northborough in 1776.

[3]Nathaniel Oak (Oaks, Oakes), Jr. of Marlborough, later a resident of that part of Lancaster which became Bolton in 1738.

[4]‘ Son of Samuel Brigham of Marlborough and the proprietor of a tannery in that town.  Hudson, Marlborough, pp. 334-335.